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Freeware Programs

Open OfficeDownload here
Open Office, with Writer(Word), Calc (Exel), Impress (Powerpoint), Base (Databases), Draw and Math. Nearly the same as Microsoft Office but instead of being expensive it costs nothing. Just click on the link and download it. Open Office should be installed on every pc. Also free for commercial use! As easy as the Microsoft office. With the support of 79 Languages with spellchecks for them it is much better for international usage. Even funny languages like Esperanto.

Platform: Win98 or highter (Win98+), Linux, Solaris, MAC OS-X+

AntiVirDownload here
A usefull freeware Virus-Scanner, with email scanner.

Platform: Win2000+, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris

AVG Anti Virus GuardDownload here
Another freeware Virus-Scanner (AVG Internet Security Home Edition 7.5 is the file you need to download on their page).

Platform: Win2000+

HousecallDownload here
An online Virus-Scanner. No installation required. Uses Java.

Platform: Windows 98+,Linux (libc6 required), Solaris 2.6

Zone Alarm FirewallDownload here
A good working program based firewall.

Platform: Win2000+

Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6Download here
An good old firewall, but not updated since 2005 (Symantec bought it and stopped the free version, as they always do, trying to monopolize). More options then Zone Alarm, traffic statistics, Backtracing attacks to the source IP. Good as addition to updated firewalls.

Platform: Win95+

Lavasoft Ad-AwareDownload here
A good program which removes Bots, Hacks, Worms, Spyware, Malware and other bad programs who slow the system. Should be installed on every Windows PC.

Platform: Windows, ?

Cactus Anti-EmailspamDownload here
A very effective good program which kills all spam. You can train ur Cactus, then it knows which types of mails are good for u. It does not delete mails, but it adds a "*** Cactus Spam ***" in the toppic of every spammail. All u gotta do is make a rule which moves all mails with this in topic to a special folder for Spam. Should be installed on every Email-Windows PC. In the 2 days i have it now it marked over 200 emails as spam. Only one Spammail was not found out of 200!

Platform: Windows, ?

Spybot DefenderDownload here
A good program which aks you if any Program (normal Setup or Bot, Hack, Worm, Spyware, Malware) tryies to change the Boot-Registry keys. Should be installed on every Windows PC if you want to be save against things adding themself to autostart without asking you. Install it and you will notice how many Programs are adding themselfs to the autostart in your Registry.

Platform: Windows, ?

KnoppixDownload here
A self booting autoconfigure Linux with Open Office and many other programs. Also important, if your Windows is not working and u need the PC for work, diagnostics or backup. Can of course also boot from and copy data to USB-Sticks, CD/DVD, LAN and HDD (NTFS/FAT16&32 and many linux filesystems). Can also be installed and used as alternative or main operating system.

Platform: This is an Operating System

235 000 LyricsDownload here
S0ngtexts of 235 000 s0ngs.

Platform: Windows, ?

Everest DictionaryDownload here
It contains 37 dictionaries and there are more to come. Besides the dictionaries, Everest also has a Text Translator, an Instant Translator, a Pronunciation Agent, a Game to help you learn a foreign language and other stuff.

Platform: Windows, Linux

Project Gutenberg - 10 000 BooksDownload here
10 000 books. Not as good as the Digital Libary but open source.

Platform: Windows, ?


Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (?)

If you know other good freeware which should be in this list, please upload it in the forum under "Freeware"