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Best Freeware Games

Open Arena (Quake 3 Freeware)Download here
The Quake 3 engine has been released as freeware in 2006. This is an upgraded Quake 3 with some new textures and some new grafic effects. Of course with Multiplayer over Internet.

Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux

Warsow (Quake Engine based Shooter)Download here
A nice Commic-Syle Multiplayer Shooter. With jumping on borders, jump as often as u can to get faster while walking. As fast as some extreme Quake 3 mod-servers. Of course with Multiplayer over Internet.

Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux

Temulus (Quake Engine based Shooter)Download here
A nice Multiplayer Shooter. Fight in the Human or Bug team. Alien bugs have an optic like in Alien vs Predator as alien and can walk on walls. Engineers can build MG-Towers, Powernodes and Respawnpoints, "brainbugs" bugs can build Acid Traps instead of MGs. Destroy the enemy Spawnponts and Generator!

Platform: Windows/Linux

Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryDownload here
1st. person shooter, based on the Return to Castle Wolfenstein engine which is based on the Quake III engine. The Quake III engine is open source since 2006. Perhaps training for future antifascist Wars... You gotta know how to shoot fascists!

Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac OSX

Spring TADownload here
Total Annihilation Spring is a freeware game like Cavedogs Total Annihilation and is even comparable to Supreme Commander. First download the TA Spring RTS engine. Then you should download and execute the Complete Annihilation Downloader from here. That downloader autoupdates itself and allowes you to select maps and mods from a list to download them automatically from a a Peer to Peer Torrent network. Multiplayer & Single vs AI, up to date engine if set to highest. My Comments: TA Spring has a very good unit-movement AI-Support system, better then the good one from normal Total Annihilation. Scriptings like idle builders automatically orders idle builders to build what u need to increase your abiltiy to masscommand up to 2000 units. Of course you can also enter your Big Bertha or a big Bomber and control them. The Mass-Constructing-&-Fighting- System is the best I know once you got used to it.

Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac OSX (mac-version is still an offline beta, but working with LINA or other emulators)

Subspace/ContinuumDownload here
Subspace, one of the best 2D freeware space games ever. You are one of the ships or a turret on another ship and fly around in different mod-servers. Only Multiplayer (with offline tutorial).

Platform: Windows/Linux (Wine)

TrackmaniaDownload here
A Racing simulation with a good 3D engine and also 3D track where you gotta make loops, big jumps ect.

Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac OSX

GTA 1, Grand Theft AutoDownload here
The first game of the GTA series. You are in Libery City (New York). You can run around, shoot, drive cars&trains. You get $$ for killing ppl. Try to catch the whole group of orange ppl for Gouranga! Game is in Up-down perspective, higher resolution.

Platform: Windows

GTA 2, Grand Theft Auto 2Download here
The second game of the GTA series. You are in Libery City (they where now allowed to name it New York). You can run around, shoot, drive cars&trains. You get $$ for killing ppl. Multiplayer with Cops possible (as far as I know). Game is in Up-down perspective, higher resolution, more sweet optics then GTA1.

Platform: Windows

Birth of the Federation 2 / Birth of Empires - Alpha VersionDownload here
A freeware follower of Birth of the Federation (Botf). Still in developement (started 2006), but already playable as an alpha version if you register to their forum. No email validation required when I tested it. Check their page later for newer versions. Has some bugs, No 3D, no intelligence agency. Langugage: German or mixed between german & english.

Platform: Yet only Windows, Resolution of 1280*1024 required

Free CivDownload here
Freeware Civilization. Based on the rules of Civilization 2. Multiplayer & Singleplayer.

Platform: Linux, BSD, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows

Open Transport Tycoon DeluxeDownload here
An open source Version of Cris Sawyers Transport Tycoon Deluxe in C using a disassembly of the orginal game binaries. With high resolution, Extreme Huge maps, Multiplayer, partly new 32bit grafic downloadable (look in their wiki for 32bbp, google or download them from here). If you have lost your CD of Transport Tycoon you can download the grafic-files needed for the installation from here.

Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, BeOS, Linux, OS/2, FreeBSD, Palm OS, Pocket PC, MorphOS, (Unofficials: AmigaOS, SkyOS, RISC OS, Maemo, GP2X, UIQ3, ReactOS, PlayStation Portable,...)

Battle for WesnothDownload here
Battle for Wesnoth is an hexagonal round-based strategic fantasy game. Thanks to the years as a freeware it has many long campaigns with nice storys and many levels. It is a bit RPG, because you can take your skilled units from one level to the other so as your heroes. Has nice optics, many "races" and a Multiplayer.

Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, GNU/Linux, OS/2 & eComStation, Syllable, Solaris, AmigaOS

700 Flash gamesDownload here
A pack of 700 Flash minigames. Some Crappy ones but also some good ones.

Platform: Windows, ?

If you know other good freeware which should be in this list, please upload it in the forum under "Freeware"