Battleships Crossfire 4.71 Changelog Preview

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Battleships Crossfire 4.71 Changelog Preview

Postby Say_No_to_War » 16.06.2019, 18:02

4.71 Main Changes
- Teamcolored HP-Bars (thanks to ?)
- Added Observer/Referee slot
- 8v8v5 players (Colors adjusted: Red-Orange-Brown-Yellow colors vs Blue-Gray-White-Purple-Pink colors vs Green-Teal)
- New User-Interface with maximum viewexpansion by Say_No_to_War (thx to Spellbound, Unwirklich for PandarenUI widescreen)
- New Sand Texture (thx to GolluM_KoMe); Terrain enlarged to the western beaches of the lagoon (as planed years ago with B.62)
- Doubling works without a free slot (as requested since ever)
- New Minimap
- All Items show in tooltip what they combine to and if they can be doubled
- Treerandomizer reactivated&improved
- More random shells on the beaches
- Many more Triggers now in JASS (faster)
- Goblin Bomb Shop now sells Diamond Hull & Outboard Propeller
- New whales spawn from the ocean (1-2 Minke & 1-2 Fin Whales / 5 min)
- New Ship: Paddled Submarine (1200 gold, 8 kts, hull 600, armor 3, Dive (for 10-20s, 40-25s cooldown), Ram (200-450 dmg), Pull lads pull!)
- Own Construction Turtle turn-to-move now at 60° like all other ships (was 50°, less M. Jackson style)
- International Brigade&Strike Ship: Call of Battallion (Hook) now not on allied Trader; Startcam & Auto-Cam-reset on 3000 distance
- Onboard-Weapondamage and Spelldamage now 100% (was 95%)
- Goblin Sail now 1785 Gold

Changelog 4.71 Part 2 - Shipchanges
Crusader 9 kts (was 9,5); Rainbow Warrior Dinghys Cooldown min: 50s (was 40), Dur: 42s (was 45); Overlord, Frozen Ship: Freeze Water Cooldown L8 now 56s (was 60); Trade boat, Merchant: Shadow Replication Cooldown now 90s; Galleon: Board&Burn coolown L8: 45s (was 50); Missile Shark: Share Damage Cooldown: 24s (was 30); Trapper: Seatrap range to buildup now 750 on L6 (was 500), cooldown L6 44s; 7s timer for doublekills (was 6s); new gold/s (type -income to see more); Now 1 command/150s (was 300s); Carack: Magnetic Shield level requirement now 4 (was 5); Upgraded Stone Hull: 250 Hull (was 225), 1,75 kts (was 1,5); Upgraded Bronze Hull: 550 Hull (was 500), 4 kts (was 3,75); Submarine&Modern Submarine dive without stopping; Puddle Skipper less range 580-720 (was 615-720); Destroyer 8,5 kts (was 8); Trireme armor 4 (was 8); Shooner Hull: 5000 (was 5600); Captains Cannon L1: 46 dmg (was 40); All 1,2k ships: Enforced Hull L1-3: 150 Hull, L4-6: 175 Hull (was L1-6: 125); Waterwaver: Waterwave 32,5 kts (was 30); Returned Pirate: Recall Fleet now only on heros;

Changelog 4.71 Part 3 - Other Changes
Two Kamikaze Owl Launchpads and Twin Tomahawk resale corrected; Hunters Boomerang (former Gubbelgun) now made out of Frost Nova and Hammer Cannon for 340,91 dps (was 316); Alcoholic Ship, Ganja Ship, Trader, Merchant: Hide Abilities tooltips corrected; added Helpguide-quest; The Chaos Hammer now called The Hammers of Chaos; Light Rocket now callet Light Rocketlauncher; EZLN now called Zapatistas EZLN; The Birds of Terror now called The Birdies of Papageno (as planed); EMP Cannon now called Electrical Pulse Cannon; UMTS Waver now called Moonstone Waver (in homage to Timber's Moonstone Cannon); Fixed Prixings for: Admirals Torpedo, Anarchist Crew, Basic Shotgun Crew, Chainsaw, Chaos Gnoll, Cute Gamma Cannon, Drunken Singing Pirate, Dualistic Axe, Flaming Arrow Cannon, Fouled Burning Fish Thrower, Fraq-Laser, Glaiveboulder, Gnollish Wind, Guevarras Guerilliero, Ice Thrower, Molotov Arrow Cannon, Pirates Cannon, Rainbow Laser, Red-Blue Laser, Sailors Union, Sprit of the Revolution, Dodo of Extinction, Moonstone Waver, Water Glaive, Yellow-Green Laser
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Re: Battleships Crossfire 4.71 Changelog Preview

Postby MadGhost1301 » 05.02.2020, 09:16

Hello! I used to play this casually with my friends. Now that war3 refunded is out, any plans on an update?
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