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Re: League-Rules Version 0.22

Postby Say_No_to_War » 14.08.2010, 21:44

1. Ban Principles:

1.1 Players and teams may get banned or awarded Penalty Points (PPs) for various reasons.
1.2 Bans are triggered automatically by PPs. You will receive a ban for every 5PPs you receive. The ban length (in days) is three times the number of PPs that triggered the ban.
1.3 Bans are always submitted by two or more admins.
1.4 If you want to complain about your ban, you can submit a support message. Please include as much detail as possible and also some proof against the ban.
1.5 Getting PPs twice or more for same reason will increase the number of PPs.
1.6 Most PPs last for a period of 3 months before they disappear. The exceptions to this are bans for hacking, serious repeat offending and multiaccounting which will result in a permanent ban.

2. Permanent ban reasons (2 admins decide that):

2.1 Use Cheattools, such as Maphack, Custom-kick and any other game-influencing programs.
2.2 Abuse of serious bugs on purpose to get advantages in gameplay (such as a bug to get extra gold for example)
2.3 Ban-dodging expecially with secondary accounts
2.4 Racist, homophobian, anti-semetic and fascist propaganda, hosting of nazimaps on purpose
2.5 more then 10 PP in 3 month can also lead to permanent ban

(3. Penalty Points (PP):)

3.1 Game desytroing behaviour like: causing repeated lags on purpose, repeated downchanging, burning money, feeding enemys by getting killed repeatedly on purpose: 3 PP
3.2 Heavy insults: 2 PP
3.3 Leave a league-game without a good reason (emergency): 2 PP
3.4 All players have the same shiptype in one team in one game (exept the first shiptype): 1 PP
3.5 Kick a non-afk player if he/she reads the chat, answers on suggestions and could continue playing: 1 PP
3.6 Going afk ingame for more then 5 minutes without a good reason (emergency): 1 PP
3.7 Very unfair and anti-social behaviour (we want fair games with respect for each other): 1 PP

4. Reporting players
4.1 If you report a player for violating the rules the report will not taken care of if u dont say at which time in the replay it happened.
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Re: League-Rules Version 0.22

Postby Say_No_to_War » 24.09.2010, 01:12

there are the rules
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Re: League-Rules Version 0.22

Postby Admin » 06.10.2010, 04:26

the PP will not be displayed, they are more an orientation-help for the moderators.
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