Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

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Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Dracoel » 07.10.2013, 08:08

Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Hello it's Tibalt,

7months without a game and this is what I saw in only 2days ...
I'm nearly allready fed-up ...

He seams not to be banned (orangecat) ... played with/against him all this week-end.
He seams to be an admin, as well he used !kick command to drop player and access to a "peace", "surrender".
Commonly, after 5min play, if he think his teammate are not enought good for him : he will start ruinning the game. Mostly camping base and insulting all the way.

I could also speack about a !end command ....

This man is not fair anymore, complainning all the time about a bad shuffle or anything else After only 15s of game ...

I Could speack longer but I'm bored reporting. It seams that more longer the game lives, less fair-player it's got ...
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby lesbo.archer » 08.10.2013, 01:22


I do remember the game, and I apologize for accusing you of MH, I watched the replay and the awesome hook into lumber was no MH, there was flare from vik. I am sorry.
You may be confusing me with some other players that use names similar to mine like orangecat. or
Yes, I have been admin for several weeks. Just to let you know -peace and -surrender and not admin only commands, they are available to all players. I do not remember kicking anyone.

You are accusing me of a lot of diff things, please include a replay so we can look at it objectively.

I am sorry you had bad games.

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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Assasin4Life » 08.10.2013, 01:29

THX FOR POSTING. i support u 100 % on this complain.

i just wanna say that orangecat is a disgrace to bship. he is the most abusive player i have seen. i can make a list of things he has done with no reason. kicking, ruining game, flaming, crashing game, ending game, kicking people from lobby just to make others laugh and most of all making people say i quit bship.. that is just amazing. to behave so bad that u make people wanna quit the game.. and u are admin?

say_no_to_war enough is enough.. if u dont ban him atleast remove him from admin. he is behaving like the nicest guy when ever he sees a admin. but all games with no admins he is the worst. and i cant wait to see the day he not admin and even banned. perma. so people can enjoy bship again.
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby lesbo.archer » 08.10.2013, 01:40


I try to be nice to you, I try to use teamwork with you and u still hate me and talk shit.
It doesn't matter, I will continue to try to be nice to you. Please stop trolling...

I do my best to be nice to Assasin
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Dracoel » 08.10.2013, 10:26

I'm not confusing you with someone else :
Games ID:

I did 17 games this WE, you were in 7 of them, and I allready have to report you ...
I verified and it's the same "orangecat", no mistake on the nickname.

There is only 2 possibility :
First you're lazzy of BSCF and don't want to be fair anymore (that I can understand, anyways you have not to act like that).
Second, you're bipolar (you've got 2 personnality).

Finally, I've never spoke about your MH accusation against me, this is a different problem. Wich seams to be solved too, if I well understood. Don't do a mix of idea.
I accuse you with the only fact I saw, not considering reported one or trash talk from other. I don't want to have the support of X or Y, I just want to relate the objectives facts I saw.

I'm off with this tread, when I think I have been admin removed for quite less than this (and it was justify) ... (your not the only I'm thinking), I wonder if being fair can still be considered as a good habit ... :(
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Wan.Taz » 08.10.2013, 17:50

First of all I would like to be objective here and not defend or accuse anyone. There has been some complaints already (two posts in forum and some directly to me in wc3 client)

Lets review some of the posts in here first:

He seams to be an admin, as well he used !kick command to drop player and access to a "peace", "surrender".

As far as i can see from the list of games you provided there hasnt been an instance of !kick command used (in game) . Normally the stats screen will show 'kicked by player [admin name]' or in case of lag drops ' dropped by an admin'

Commonly, after 5min play, if he think his teammate are not enought good for him : he will start ruinning the game. Mostly camping base and insulting all the way.

i just wanna say that orangecat is a disgrace to bship. he is the most abusive player i have seen. i can make a list of things he has done with no reason. kicking, ruining game, flaming, crashing game, ending game, kicking people from lobby just to make others laugh and most of all making people say i quit bship.. that is just amazing. to behave so bad that u make people wanna quit the game.. and u are admin?

Regarding camping it is an issue which I personally dont tolerate. Any game can be won, u never know enemy can lag out/desync or do stupid mistakesand feed you etc... Camping in base from start of game is not warranted.
Crashing game? Its just not possible.
kicking player from lobby? Depends. I would personally kick ban dodging players or players who have just teamkilled/ruining a game intentionally in the lobby. Depends on the context here which has not been developped

I could also speack about a !end command ....

End command can be used in specific circumstances when game destroying bug or in the case when one player only has not peaced and ALL the other players agree to !end with lost of stats for the game

he is behaving like the nicest guy when ever he sees a admin

Herein lies the problem. I cant make assumptions based on my games.

I would nevertheless like to comment on one game i played yesterday since to some extent it shows you the game through my perspective (as well as henbug)

(game ID 41394). South team (orangecat/assassin4life/news_bad_games/no_stun(aliscad smurfing)) vs North team (Henbug/me/zsm and lekly) First glance at those compositions already shows that south team has a great advantage since it has 4 pro/good players while north has one noob and one just decent player. Still as north team we played it seriously since any game can be won and in the end we felt we got some unvoluntary help from south team too
For the first part of the game (around 30 min) it seemed like only orangecat and news_bad_games were trying hard to protect their trader which worked great vs my minermoreso since the viking ship from south team did not use flare adequately to spot my mines (I got fed from trader). Secondly having a viking ship with long range till the end of the 52 min game played a very big part in south team's loss. *

What am pointing out here is:
1. We actually played a most probable lost game seriously and not dither in base or something and won that game comprehensively
2. From my point of view it seemed like assasin4life was trolling the game (was that the case? Maybe yes, maybe not)

Replay sent by orangecat: Just watched this and wow that was a lot of trashtalking/flaming but still it was not from orangecat! Maybe coz b.62 was here or maybe not. Lots of accusations in the game. There was even an instance when somebody said 'that why replays are here'. So where are those replays? I still can't figure if orangecat is wrong in here since the only replay which has been posted regarding his games is the one in here and which contains ppl flaming him instead of the other way round!
What bothers me in this game is that evryone chatted abt orangecat and actually did not even try help the new player 'd0ta'

Don't get me wrong but anyone could have said the same things regarding myself or others too. So please attach some replays (for camping in base just after start/flaming/insulting/abuse etc) or screenshots(for lobby mainly) and state portions of game which are to be reviewed.

I will personally gladly watch all those replays and act based on them.

Has been a long post. Sry for that
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Dracoel » 08.10.2013, 23:08

It's a fair talk wich I agree. :wink:
Personnaly I will not save replay as I'm not there to make policy. I'll just continue reporting thing wich I have hard with.

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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby knight_9 » 10.10.2013, 04:25

Hey, Taz, I just want to clear out one thing.
I only play Aliscad. Other ids are not mine. lol....

And again, orangecat is a good cat, leave him alone. And that assasin4life wanna-be is annoying in pretty much every game. pff.......
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Assasin4Life » 16.10.2013, 16:27

here u have it. and this isnt even the worste behavior i have seen him i just want to see if its enough

only after 15mins he says hes gonna get a flamer and teamkill team mate. and he actually kills him and laughs afterwards. and then he says ''i had no intent to win this game, i only wanted to pusnish team member. and then i tell him. do you know that sabotaging isnt allowed.. he says report me.. like he KNOWS nothing will happen.
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i just wanna say that if this isnt enough i will not say anything next time i see a person say im done with bship.. cause a guy who can behave like this and continue be admin and not even get banned.. it actually proves a point.. and its sad.. how he acts like hes the nicest guy.. when ever he sees admins that is..

i have given him alot of passes cause u would see alot more replays on him behaving even way worse than this.. but i try be patient with people but they keep on going.
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby lesbo.archer » 17.10.2013, 23:41

I feel that talking to you, Assasin is equivalent to feeding the troll that you are.

I have plenty of saved games where you act like total asshole, but I have no need to prove anything by posting them. I think people are generally aware of what you are.
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Say_No_to_War » 18.10.2013, 01:19

That replay shows nothing. All orange did was a joke, fooling u. and free speach is allowed. He did not sabotage his team, at last I didnt see that. Name a minute where he sabotages his team in that replay, if u can.

In the meantime orangecat stays admin, and Dracoel (tibalt-le-brun) got his admin back for returning. ;)

If orangecat is so evil, tibalt, b.62, wan.taz and other admins can ask me to unban.

As for you assasin: in the replay you are the one exploding with hate and insults for no real reason. You were insulting several people in that game, thank to your replay we can see your chat with your mate. Why not try to stay nice and friendly so we can all play happily ever after?
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby schredder » 26.10.2013, 00:56

i played game today against orangecat after about 20mins they tryed to kick one of their players we voted no several time no we all have bad shuffles from time to time thats why the kick was put in play thats why we vote so orange cat abused his power of admin and kicked him\ does he want to win that bad?
either take kick out of game or educate admins not to kick people cause of bad shuffle.i have saved replay and will post if necessary .
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby baboulinator » 26.10.2013, 01:09

I was in orange team

Just to confirm that us player didnt wanted to follow advises, played alone from start to end , farmed massively , started to hard feed and wasnt talking or trying to communicate , even if he was french and i too , tryed to tell him do basics things.

I know its shuffle , but see one guy wast a game we waited during very long time in lobby isnt really..nice

Maybe not the best decision , but we are not close to game ruining.

Where is fair play? to let a guy sunk a team? or to vote no when we tryed to legaly kick him to make u sure 100% win?
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby lesbo.archer » 26.10.2013, 03:10


I apologize about that game. It was a special case. The 0 6 player did not communicate when I talked to him in English, I did a !from command to see where he is from, and he was French, so I asked RGKT to tell to him in French to buy wood and hull.
Unfortunately, he still did not listen, even in French, and continue to solo creep and feed. We tried to kick him twice, but got no yes from enemy team. I guess i acted emotionally and kicked him making it a 3v4. I am sorry for that, will not happen again.

I hope you can understand the game from our point of view. We did all that is possible to teach/play with the new player. We also tried to peace right after the kick. Your team did not want to peace.

Shredder, I've played 200+ games with/against you over the last few years, I hope we are friends.

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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Assasin4Life » 07.11.2013, 22:36

RGKT lesbo.archer going crazy.w3g
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Once again for everyone to see the kind of admin this pathetic loser is. he banned me for saying he was abusive in lobby..

so u said free speech? say_no_to_war? do u only wait for the other admins to report him before u do anything? u dont believe regular players.. im clearly not the only one reporting this guy..

and u dont even have to ban at this point i dont care.. just remove him from admin
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Wan.Taz » 08.11.2013, 01:33

Unbanned account assasin4life for now.

Here in game chat log: [game command] being the chat of the other team

Code: Select all
0:00    [All] GreveeII: Shortest load by player [lesbo.archer] was 21.27 seconds.
0:00    [All] GreveeII: Longest load by player [Assasin4Life] was 100.81 seconds.
0:00    [Private] GreveeII: Your load time was 100.81 seconds.
0:00    [All] GreveeII: Scores and Ranking on Please donate for our league-server.
0:00    [All] GreveeII: Stayrate < 70% = Autoban! Have Fun!
0:15    [Allies] Assasin4Life: -s
0:16    [Allies] Assasin4Life: -dark
0:32    [Game Command] RGKT: orange
0:32    [Game Command] RGKT: -s
0:42    [Allies] GreveeII: -s
0:43    [Allies] GreveeII: -dark
0:47    [Game Command] RGKT: lesbo ???
0:51    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: sup
0:56    [Game Command] RGKT: good and u
0:59    [Game Command] RGKT: stoned?
1:00    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: had a chat with say
1:05    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he took away my adim
1:06    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: adm
1:12    [Game Command] RGKT: why?
1:17    [Game Command] RGKT: reasons?
1:21    [Game Command] RGKT: i never saw u abuse..
1:31    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: "too many complaints"
1:35    [Game Command] RGKT: lol
1:38    [Allies] vjjjo: -dark
1:38    [Game Command] Black-king: -f
1:38    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he didnt specify
1:40    [Game Command] Black-king: -a6
1:42    [Game Command] RGKT: i posted a topic
1:42    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: im still talking to him
1:48    [Game Command] RGKT: about assanoon
1:53    [Game Command] RGKT: assanoob
1:54    [Game Command] RGKT: mann
1:58    [Allies] doyouneedahug: -dark
1:59    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: -s
2:00    [Game Command] RGKT: i know where it come from
2:02    [Game Command] RGKT: i fround thread
2:10    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: -a9
2:16    [Game Command] RGKT: u saw topic
2:19    [Game Command] RGKT: "regards on lesbo"?
2:28    [Game Command] RGKT: assanoob commented , ans others
2:29    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: y
2:31    [Allies] Assasin4Life: -trader
2:32    [Allies] Assasin4Life: 0
2:35    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i will get admin back
2:38    [Game Command] RGKT: so say_no maybe think they are right
2:43    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: its a matter of "things getting quite"
2:43    [Game Command] RGKT: but assanoob is lying
2:45    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he said
2:49    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i told him that
2:55    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he says maybe ass need ban
3:02    [Game Command] RGKT: plz lesbo
3:06    [Game Command] RGKT: i made topic for assassin
3:12    [Game Command] RGKT: tryed make me ban with fake reason
3:16    [Game Command] RGKT: influence b.62
3:19    [Game Command] RGKT: always saying shit
3:24    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he is scum
3:26    [Game Command] RGKT: can u comment topic i made for him
3:41    [Game Command] RGKT: with something like :" finally someone mooving his ass agaisnt this annoying player"
3:48    [Game Command] RGKT: just comment
3:58    [Game Command] RGKT: make my topic more heavy
4:03    [Game Command] RGKT: to get assa banned
4:04    [Game Command] RGKT: u see??
4:07    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i try
4:14    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i dont like to play politics
4:16    [Allies] Assasin4Life: -dark
4:19    [Game Command] RGKT: i found very nice quotes from assanoob
4:22    [Game Command] RGKT: yeah i understand
4:24    [Game Command] RGKT: me too
4:28    [Game Command] RGKT: i never post topics, etc
4:34    [Game Command] RGKT: but assannob realy bored me
4:43    [Game Command] RGKT: he worst then rahan or Ei_
4:59    [Game Command] RGKT: just put a little comment
5:05    [Game Command] RGKT: would be rly nice
5:08    [Game Command] RGKT: in interest of all
5:11    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: k
5:14    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i will
5:15    [Game Command] RGKT: read my topic before
5:23    [Game Command] RGKT: if u not ok with , dont post
5:30    [Allies] GreveeII: ;p thx
5:32    [Game Command] RGKT: but if u ok with , post plz !!
5:36    [Allies] Assasin4Life: np
5:37    [Allies] Assasin4Life: enjoy
5:38    [Game Command] RGKT: thx !!
5:43    [Game Command] RGKT: lets play now
5:45    [Game Command] RGKT: -trader
5:46    [Game Command] RGKT: 0
6:01    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i trade or no?
6:28    [Game Command] RGKT: omg
6:31    [Game Command] RGKT: say_no reply
6:52    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i know
6:56    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i just chat with him
6:58    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: still am
7:00    [Game Command] RGKT: i saw ..
7:01    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: actally
7:03    [Game Command] RGKT: bad rly bad from say_no
7:12    [Game Command] RGKT: I removed his admin. He is an old shipper and usually a kind person, sry you had trouble with him.
7:18    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i saw
7:21    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i know
7:31    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i can get my admin back in about a week
7:35    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: if i play nice
7:38    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: or i can make noice
7:44    [Game Command] RGKT: mmh
7:50    [Game Command] RGKT: should i post smthing on ur topic
8:17    [Game Command] RGKT: like " assa is a real good lyer , proove is thath his objective is reached now"
8:26    [Game Command] RGKT: ( removoe ur powers )

8:57    [Game Command] RGKT: i know ur a nice guy !!
9:00    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: fuck me
9:03    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i pressed wrong key
9:06    [Game Command] RGKT: make me rly mad to see 2 assholes
9:06    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: fuck
9:10    [Allies] Assasin4Life: hmp
9:11    [Game Command] RGKT: assanoob and others
9:14    [Game Command] RGKT: made u remoove powers
9:23    [Game Command] RGKT: u know u good guy !! and admin
9:24    [Allies] GreveeII: ;P
9:34    [Game Command] RGKT: and say_no trusted 2 noobs
9:40    [Game Command] RGKT: one lyer , i dont know other
9:49    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: fuck me
9:52    [Game Command] RGKT: im rly mad he gone in the trap
9:53    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i bought wrong ship
9:56    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: cuz i pressed key
9:56    [Game Command] RGKT: xd
9:58    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: at harbor
10:08    [Game Command] RGKT: i c
10:16    [Allies] GreveeII: bb
10:34    [Game Command] RGKT: lesbo
10:38    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: ?
10:38    [Game Command] RGKT: should i post smthing
10:42    [Game Command] RGKT: on ur thread
10:43    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: hold on
10:54    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: sayno is saying things to me
10:57    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: that i dont udnerstrand
10:57    [Game Command] RGKT: im rly angry
11:01    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: dont be
11:03    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: chill
11:06    [Game Command] RGKT: yeah but
11:13    [Game Command] RGKT: he fall in trap like a kid
11:18    [Game Command] RGKT: say_no
11:19    [Game Command] Black-king: -black
11:24    [Game Command] RGKT: trap made by noobs
11:27    [Game Command] RGKT: like assassin
11:28    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i didnt get what u said
11:31    [Game Command] RGKT: know lyer
11:41    [Game Command] RGKT: 2 noobs make u remoove
11:47    [Game Command] RGKT: one is a lyer
11:59    [Game Command] RGKT: u saw assasin post on u?
12:05    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: yeah
12:07    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i replied
12:10    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i think
12:10    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: lol
12:16    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: im not feedin troll
12:22    [Game Command] RGKT: u saw this?
12:23    [Game Command] RGKT: i just wanna say that orangecat is a disgrace to bship. he is the most abusive player i have seen.
12:29    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: sure
12:33    [Game Command] RGKT: its 100% lye
12:34    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: let him talk
12:36    [Game Command] RGKT: just to make u ban
12:39    [Game Command] RGKT: no man
12:40    [Allies] GreveeII: ms
12:41    [Game Command] RGKT: its not just!!
12:42    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: words dont hurt me
12:45    [Game Command] RGKT: yeah
12:45    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: fists do
12:49    [Game Command] RGKT: but these words
12:53    [Game Command] RGKT: made say_no remoove u
12:54    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he is scum
12:57    [Game Command] RGKT: and give victory to assa
12:57    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: ppl know what he is
13:06    [Game Command] RGKT: yeah
13:09    [Game Command] RGKT: but im frustrated
13:13    [Game Command] RGKT: this noobshit ahd what he want
13:16    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: tell say no
13:22    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: he is online no
13:26    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: , /w him
13:29    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: now*
13:37    [Game Command] RGKT: on bnet europe?
13:40    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: y
13:55    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: in clan boat channel
13:58    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: last i saw
14:29    [Game Command] RGKT: i try
14:57    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: at 6k
15:00    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: trading to 10
15:01    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: or 14
15:04    [Game Command] RGKT: 14
15:05    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: if u can clear

15:43    [Allies] Assasin4Life: dont go far

16:18    [Game Command] RGKT: he seems afk
16:24    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: who?
16:26    [Game Command] RGKT: say
16:26    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: oh
16:27    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: ok

17:32    [Allies] Assasin4Life: pffff
17:34    [All] RGKT: noob down.
17:48    [All] Assasin4Life: nice run
17:58    [Game Command] RGKT: now he try become my friend
18:04    [Game Command] RGKT: i realy raped him verbally
18:04    [All] Assasin4Life: expert chicken
18:10    [All] RGKT: 450 h
18:14    [All] RGKT: 1.3kd
18:20    [All] RGKT: best ranking-> kick counter
18:21    [All] lesbo.archer: how does ur ass feel assasin?
18:22    [All] RGKT: ur 2nd
18:25    [All] RGKT: be proud
18:29    [All] doyouneedahug: 
18:30    [All] lesbo.archer: a little sore?
18:38    [All] Assasin4Life: ?
18:41    [All] Assasin4Life: u mad
18:47    [All] RGKT: u nerdy geek
19:09    [All] Assasin4Life: u dont like me posting abusive behavior?
19:28    [All] lesbo.archer: u got a ban coming assasin
19:34    [All] RGKT: i told u
19:37    [All] lesbo.archer: u gonna make a new name soon
19:44    [All] Assasin4Life: ban for what
19:48    [All] lesbo.archer: u will see
19:50    [All] RGKT: surprise
19:52    [All] doyouneedahug: porn
19:55    [All] RGKT: pron dl
20:22    [Game Command] RGKT: i rly hope my topic
20:24    [All] Assasin4Life: ??
20:29    [Game Command] RGKT: will help him make him banned
20:34    [All] Assasin4Life: ban for what
20:39    [All] RGKT: lol
20:42    [All] RGKT: its a joke
20:46    [All] RGKT: ask god
20:50    [All] RGKT: he will maybe tell u
21:17    [All] Assasin4Life: just tell me what i did wrong
21:24    [All] RGKT: ur personn is wrong
21:29    [All] Assasin4Life: how
21:29    [All] lesbo.archer: we dont have to tell u
21:33    [All] lesbo.archer: we are not required
21:40    [All] Assasin4Life: but why wouldnt u
21:40    [All] lesbo.archer: u will get a latter
21:42    [All] lesbo.archer: loll
22:06    [Allies] GreveeII: ähm.. wtf?
22:30    [All] RGKT: assa
22:32    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: reload that page
22:36    [All] RGKT: u saw what fenris said about you?
22:39    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: lol
22:43    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: say removed his commends
22:43    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: lol
22:45    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: im admin
22:47    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i think
22:48    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: reload
22:50    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: u will see
22:52    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: post is gone
22:54    [Game Command] RGKT: ^^
22:55    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: hahaha
22:58    [Game Command] RGKT: say answered
23:06    [All] lesbo.archer: say reviewd my admin status
23:09    [All] lesbo.archer: and guess what?
23:13    [All] lesbo.archer: im still admin
23:15    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
23:16    [All] lesbo.archer: assasin
23:17    [Game Command] RGKT: nice
23:18    [All] lesbo.archer: nice try
23:21    [All] RGKT: assa
23:26    [All] lesbo.archer: reload forum
23:28    [All] RGKT: im talking with say right now
23:28    [All] lesbo.archer: u will see
23:41    [All] lesbo.archer: how does that feel assasin?
23:46    [All] lesbo.archer: u gonna gen banned now
23:51    [All] Assasin4Life: for what
23:58    [All] lesbo.archer: for being a troll?
24:01    [Allies] Assasin4Life: rly
24:03    [All] Assasin4Life: rly
24:08    [All] lesbo.archer: maybe
24:17    [All] lesbo.archer: we will come up with good reason
24:25    [All] lesbo.archer: we will discuss
24:33    [All] Assasin4Life: is it good for bship
24:39    [All] lesbo.archer: yes
24:45    [All] lesbo.archer: lcearly
24:45    [All] Assasin4Life: all i ask is dont be abusive
25:04    [Allies] vjjjo: mb
25:04    [All] Assasin4Life: u did all those abusive behavior as admin
25:10    [All] Assasin4Life: how is that nice for bship
25:13    [All] lesbo.archer: !mute
25:17    [All] lesbo.archer: oh wait
25:24    [All] lesbo.archer: i mute u next game
25:37    [All] Assasin4Life: ..
25:43    [All] lesbo.archer: what abusive behavior?
25:47    [All] Assasin4Life: pls dude
25:49    [All] lesbo.archer: did i kick anyone out?
25:50    [All] Assasin4Life: u know
25:51    [All] doyouneedahug: call cps
26:01    [All] lesbo.archer: did i kick anyone out?
26:04    [All] lesbo.archer: i dont think so
26:06    [All] Assasin4Life: u do alot of things
26:06    [All] lesbo.archer: did i !end
26:07    [All] lesbo.archer: no...
26:11    [All] Assasin4Life: u shouldnt do
26:18    [All] Assasin4Life: im not making stuff
26:22    [All] lesbo.archer: are u sure those are abusing?
26:26    [All] Assasin4Life: didnt u kick me out of lobby
26:30    [All] Assasin4Life: and laugh
26:30    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: lobby
26:34    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: not game
26:36    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: lobby yes
26:38    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: game no
26:41    [All] Assasin4Life: didnt u flame me alot
26:42    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: agreed?
26:44    [All] Assasin4Life: u even admit
26:48    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: agreed or no?
26:49    [All] Assasin4Life: u said u trolled me
26:58    [All] Assasin4Life: why so abusive
26:59    [All] lesbo.archer: stfu
27:04    [All] lesbo.archer: u scum
27:11    [All] Assasin4Life: and replay shows what u did towards
27:16    [All] lesbo.archer: yes
27:16    [All] Assasin4Life: amazing
27:19    [All] lesbo.archer: and say saw
27:21    [All] Assasin4Life: atleast say u sry
27:22    [All] lesbo.archer: and result?
27:27    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
27:30    [All] lesbo.archer: im sorry u exist
27:35    [All] Assasin4Life: u mad
27:39    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
27:41    [All] lesbo.archer: u will be
27:47    [All] lesbo.archer: when i kick u outa lobby more
27:55    [All] Assasin4Life: ok
28:00    [All] lesbo.archer: and u have no posting priv
28:10    [All] lesbo.archer: will u make new acct?
28:17    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
28:19    [All] lesbo.archer: got to u
28:21    [All] lesbo.archer: again
28:22    [All] lesbo.archer: didnt i?
28:24    [All] Assasin4Life: why so abusive
28:30    [All] lesbo.archer: u asking for it
28:36    [All] Assasin4Life: dont u want people to play bship
28:36    [All] lesbo.archer: i tried nice with u
28:41    [All] Assasin4Life: answer
28:46    [All] lesbo.archer: ppl yues, u no
28:53    [All] Assasin4Life: im also people
28:56    [All] Assasin4Life: u dont know me
28:58    [All] lesbo.archer: u are scum
29:01    [Allies] GreveeII: b
29:06    [All] Assasin4Life: flame.
29:09    [All] lesbo.archer: i know enuf
29:11    [All] lesbo.archer: post it
29:14    [All] lesbo.archer: post it twice
29:23    [All] lesbo.archer: k?
29:36    [All] Assasin4Life: im done posting
29:41    [All] lesbo.archer: rly?
29:43    [All] lesbo.archer: u sure
29:44    [All] Assasin4Life: yes
29:49    [All] lesbo.archer: u scum
29:59    [All] lesbo.archer: i wil never be nice to you
30:02    [All] lesbo.archer: ever
30:03    [All] doyouneedahug: i keep here talk about post but i never once saw any nudies
30:16    [All] lesbo.archer: u lie
30:18    [All] lesbo.archer: u make shit up
30:24    [All] Assasin4Life: ok
30:26    [Game Command] RGKT: lesbo
30:29    [Game Command] RGKT: dont asnwer them
30:31    [All] Assasin4Life: all i wanted was good behavior
30:35    [All] RGKT: no man
30:36    [All] Assasin4Life: posting dont helpp
30:38    [All] RGKT: u are the behavior
30:40    [All] Assasin4Life: i dont post
30:43    [All] RGKT: long time
30:47    [All] RGKT: since rahan and Ei
30:58    [Game Command] RGKT: we didnt seen someone disrespectful like you
31:09    [All] RGKT: we didnt seen someone disrespectful like you
31:17    [All] RGKT: if we were following ur ban and kick request
31:25    [All] RGKT: u would be the only one persone able to play this game
31:39    [All] lesbo.archer: assasin, u know why ppl are not nice to u?
31:44    [All] lesbo.archer: in general?
31:49    [All] lesbo.archer: cuz ur an asshole
31:50    [All] RGKT: nobody like hypochrits
31:52    [All] RGKT: like you
31:57    [All] Assasin4Life: ok
32:00    [Allies] vjjjo: mb
32:02    [All] Assasin4Life: i see ure real mad
32:06    [All] RGKT: no
32:08    [All] Assasin4Life: next time
32:09    [All] lesbo.archer: nobody on bs likes u
32:09    [Allies] doyouneedahug: the fuck chase him ddo lol wtf omg lolol
32:11    [All] RGKT: its a constat
32:11    [All] lesbo.archer: nobody
32:13    [All] lesbo.archer: lol
32:16    [All] Assasin4Life: be nice
32:18    [All] lesbo.archer: u play a lot
32:20    [All] Assasin4Life: people wont post u
32:20    [All] RGKT: never
32:21    [All] lesbo.archer: and no friends?
32:24    [All] RGKT: 450h play
32:26    [All] doyouneedahug: 
32:27    [All] RGKT: still alone
32:31    [All] RGKT: what happening?
32:31    [All] lesbo.archer: assasin think
32:34    [All] lesbo.archer: about these things
32:38    [All] lesbo.archer: why nobody like u?
32:43    [All] lesbo.archer: is it ur an asshole?
32:55    [All] lesbo.archer: maybe?
32:59    [All] lesbo.archer: possible?
33:07    [All] Assasin4Life: taz and b.62 and say nice to me
33:08    [All] lesbo.archer: i hope u go play some other game
33:29    [All] lesbo.archer: when they are on ur team lol
33:35    [All] lesbo.archer: they are smart not to upset u
33:42    [All] lesbo.archer: im not so smart, sorry
33:51    [All] Assasin4Life: good  behavior is normal
34:00    [All] RGKT: no
34:02    [All] RGKT: its not
34:07    [All] RGKT: im talking with say
34:08    [All] lesbo.archer: remember i tried to be nice to u?
34:11    [All] lesbo.archer: 2 games in a row
34:14    [All] Assasin4Life: u didnt
34:16    [All] lesbo.archer: how did that work?
34:16    [All] Assasin4Life: u was fake
34:20    [All] RGKT: he told me he will take care of you
34:21    [All] Assasin4Life: this is the real u
34:23    [All] lesbo.archer: how did u know?
34:28    [All] lesbo.archer: u claim to know
34:31    [All] Assasin4Life: cause u are abusive
34:33    [All] lesbo.archer: things u cant know
34:41    [All] Assasin4Life: and u shouldnt be admin when u cant be nice
34:46    [All] Assasin4Life: wan is amazing
34:49    [All] Assasin4Life: im glad hes admin
34:51    [All] Assasin4Life: hes nice
34:58    [All] lesbo.archer: am i abusing towards anyone else? or just u?
35:05    [All] Assasin4Life: yes u are
35:11    [All] Assasin4Life: and wan
35:14    [All] Assasin4Life: explains and talks
35:18    [All] Assasin4Life: not like u
35:22    [All] Assasin4Life: never seen him be abusive
35:24    [All] lesbo.archer: what does wan have to do with this?
35:24    [Game Command] Black-king: -black
35:26    [All] Assasin4Life: people like him
35:31    [All] Assasin4Life: u should learn from him
35:36    [All] RGKT: wan is playing 2 games
35:36    [All] Assasin4Life: u arent even close to him
35:39    [All] RGKT: no
35:40    [All] lesbo.archer: and u should learn from who?
35:42    [All] RGKT: wan has 2 sides
35:43    [Game Command] haggy_lost: .
35:45    [All] Assasin4Life: im not admin
35:51    [All] Assasin4Life: im not abusing power
35:51    [All] lesbo.archer: who should u learn from?
35:56    [All] RGKT: wan has 2 way to talk
35:59    [All] lesbo.archer: u know everything?
36:01    [All] Assasin4Life: i talk to wan and hes nice to me
36:04    [All] Assasin4Life: not liek u
36:07    [All] RGKT: lol
36:11    [All] RGKT: what he told me about u wasnt nice
36:13    [All] RGKT: like fenris
36:15    [All] RGKT: b.62
36:16    [All] RGKT: and others
36:21    [All] RGKT: tthats why i've been banned
36:25    [All] doyouneedahug: why cant we all be friends?
36:32    [All] RGKT: trust me assanoob
36:32    [All] lesbo.archer: its assasin
36:39    [All] RGKT: i talk with say since start of this game
36:41    [All] lesbo.archer: he posts lies on forums
36:46    [All] RGKT: he will personally take care of you
36:55    [All] lesbo.archer: kick him'
36:59    [All] lesbo.archer: and we peace
37:04    [All] lesbo.archer: deal?
37:06    [All] RGKT: yeah
37:07    [All] RGKT: kick him
37:09    [All] RGKT: i peace
37:13    [All] Assasin4Life: abusive.
37:16    [All] lesbo.archer: u not gonna win
37:18    [All] RGKT: where is abuse?
37:18    [All] lesbo.archer: so kick him
37:19    [All] Assasin4Life: prove me right
37:20    [All] lesbo.archer: and we peace
37:25    [All] RGKT: where is abuse?
37:26    [All] lesbo.archer: abuse?
37:30    [All] doyouneedahug: sounds legit
37:32    [All] Assasin4Life: everyone in this game can see ur behavior
37:33    [All] RGKT: totally
37:34    [All] lesbo.archer: u use that word wrong
37:37    [All] RGKT: no man
37:40    [All] RGKT: stop describe urself
37:45    [All] RGKT: ur the behavior here
37:46    [All] lesbo.archer: its negotiation
37:48    [All] RGKT: since 450h u play bs
37:57    [All] Assasin4Life: u dont get it lesbo
38:02    [All] Assasin4Life: u just dont get it
38:16    [All] lesbo.archer: do i need to get it?
38:22    [All] Assasin4Life: i posted u cause i had enough.. u think others wont do it
38:33    [All] Assasin4Life: many more will post cause people cant take it
38:39    [All] RGKT: no assa
38:44    [All] RGKT: u so wrong
38:44    [All] lesbo.archer: u dont answer questions well
38:45    [All] Assasin4Life: instead of saying u will get me banned.. just be nice
38:52    [All] Assasin4Life: and its all good
38:57    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
38:59    [All] lesbo.archer: nope
38:59    [Allies] doyouneedahug: -68
39:02    [All] GreveeII: could you just stp it and play?
39:03    [All] lesbo.archer: i will work to get u banned
39:04    [All] lesbo.archer: ok?
39:10    [All] lesbo.archer: like u worked to remove myt admin
39:11    [All] Assasin4Life: ud rather stay abusive and think nobody will post u
39:12    [All] lesbo.archer: sounds fair?
39:24    [All] lesbo.archer: i have many replaus of u
39:27    [All] lesbo.archer: i will post some
39:33    [All] Assasin4Life: well ok
39:36    [All] lesbo.archer: ok
39:41    [All] lesbo.archer: like i said
39:44    [All] lesbo.archer: we are enemy
39:47    [All] Assasin4Life: but u should still be nice
39:49    [All] lesbo.archer: dont even try to kiss my ass
39:56    [All] Assasin4Life: i will never kiss anyones ass
40:04    [All] lesbo.archer: we are enemies
40:06    [All] lesbo.archer: forever
40:11    [Allies] Assasin4Life: im so scared
40:11    [All] lesbo.archer: i will always try to insult u
40:18    [All] Assasin4Life: im so scared pls dont
40:23    [All] lesbo.archer: and ban u
40:26    [All] lesbo.archer: and kick u
40:28    [All] lesbo.archer: and mute u
40:30    [All] lesbo.archer: and anything else
40:34    [All] Assasin4Life: ok
40:40    [All] Assasin4Life: all i can say
40:42    [All] Assasin4Life: i dont care
40:45    [All] Assasin4Life: anymore.
40:48    [All] lesbo.archer: good
40:53    [All] lesbo.archer: we will see how much u care
40:56    [All] lesbo.archer: when u cant join a game
41:20    [All] lesbo.archer: u are fucking reatarded troliing scum
41:21    [Allies] Assasin4Life: -dark
41:32    [All] GreveeII: why u flame now?
41:39    [All] lesbo.archer: he is still here
41:45    [All] lesbo.archer: ill stop
41:48    [All] lesbo.archer: sorry
42:03    [Allies] GreveeII: -dark
44:39    [Game Command] RGKT: i talked with say long time
44:44    [Game Command] RGKT: i said him assassin lyed a lot
44:48    [Game Command] RGKT: on forum
44:54    [Game Command] RGKT: about you , me and others
45:01    [All] lesbo.archer: assasin...poor assasin
45:01    [Game Command] RGKT: say agree
45:06    [All] lesbo.archer: ur shit is geting unraveled
45:08    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
45:17    [All] lesbo.archer: u did make me lost admin for like 6 hours
45:26    [All] lesbo.archer: thats ur achhivement, asshole
45:33    [All] RGKT: promess assa
45:34    [All] Assasin4Life: just be nice
45:39    [All] lesbo.archer: really?
45:40    [All] RGKT: lol
45:42    [All] RGKT: little princess
45:44    [All] lesbo.archer: u expect nice after this?
45:45    [All] Assasin4Life: no reason to keep on going
45:46    [All] RGKT: trying be nice now
45:48    [All] lesbo.archer: are u retarded?
45:49    [All] RGKT: no
45:55    [All] lesbo.archer: are u STUPID?
45:58    [All] Assasin4Life: be nice
45:59    [All] RGKT: u said everybody was retard
46:00    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
46:02    [All] lesbo.archer: funny
46:04    [All] RGKT: and now u say "be nice"
46:09    [All] RGKT: poor poor poor nerdy geek
46:14    [All] Assasin4Life: i allways said it
46:17    [All] lesbo.archer: retard is strong with this one
46:28    [All] RGKT: yeah
46:33    [All] RGKT: retard isnt wrong name
46:36    [All] lesbo.archer: now be nice
46:37    [All] lesbo.archer: lol
46:37    [All] RGKT: good*
46:40    [All] lesbo.archer: u for real?
46:44    [All] lesbo.archer: u badmouth me
46:47    [All] RGKT: he again trolling
46:47    [All] lesbo.archer: and expect me to be nice?
46:49    [All] lesbo.archer: really?
46:57    [All] Assasin4Life: ok i ask u
47:03    [All] lesbo.archer: retard is
47:06    [All] Assasin4Life: have u never ben abusive
47:09    [All] Assasin4Life: ever
47:17    [All] lesbo.archer: i will abuse u 100%
47:27    [All] Assasin4Life: dude
47:31    [All] Assasin4Life: u dont scare me for shit
47:36    [All] Assasin4Life: stop being funny
47:43    [All] RGKT: lol.
47:46    [All] lesbo.archer: funny is
47:48    [All] RGKT: "be niceé"
47:51    [All] RGKT: "be nice"
47:54    [Game Command] Black-king: lol
47:54    [All] RGKT: hahaha
47:55    [All] lesbo.archer: how next game i will be kicking u outa lobby
47:56    [All] RGKT: poor pathetic
47:57    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
47:59    [Allies] GreveeII: assasins, can u pls stop talking and fucking share damage?=
47:59    [All] Assasin4Life: just answer
48:09    [Allies] Assasin4Life: im sry
48:09    [All] doyouneedahug: 
48:09    [All] RGKT: "he got accused for several things"
48:17    [All] RGKT: say_no just whisp me this.
48:25    [Allies] Assasin4Life: but hard to ignore these abusive dudes
48:26    [All] RGKT: u will take the return
48:30    [All] RGKT: u will only get what u deserve
48:38    [Allies] GreveeII: just ignore them ;)
48:43    [Allies] Assasin4Life: ok
48:49    [Allies] Assasin4Life: sry for not doing good

49:31    [All] lesbo.archer: how can u kill barrier?
49:32    [All] doyouneedahug: dont ban assassin i would miss the free wins every time
49:34    [All] lesbo.archer: no way...
49:41    [All] lesbo.archer: maybe u are right
49:47    [All] lesbo.archer: he is actaully a decent player
49:53    [All] lesbo.archer: its just he makes enemy too ez
49:57    [All] RGKT: not rly
50:00    [All] RGKT: 1.31kd
50:06    [All] RGKT: personal player
50:09    [All] lesbo.archer: i mean
50:11    [All] RGKT: his best rank
50:14    [All] lesbo.archer: above avarage player
50:15    [All] RGKT: 2nd kick counter
50:18    [All] RGKT: yeah u right
50:24    [All] lesbo.archer: yeah, he has rage issue
50:29    [All] lesbo.archer: he likes to kick
52:26    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: i get wood
52:51    [Game Command] RGKT: say_no is with me !!
52:58    [Game Command] RGKT: i mean
53:04    [Game Command] RGKT: he agree what i said about assa
53:05    [Game Command] RGKT: :3
53:16    [Game Command] RGKT: probably banned
53:29    [All] lesbo.archer: im talking about u assasin with say_no
53:52    [Allies] GreveeII: -surrender

54:26    [All] RGKT: and he not alone.
54:34    [All] RGKT: assanoob
54:35    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: b
54:41    [All] RGKT: i hope ur enjoyinh ur last games
54:41    [All] Assasin4Life: always flaming
54:44    [Allies] GreveeII: can we pls surrender?
54:47    [All] RGKT: ur the flammer
54:50    [All] RGKT: master-spammy
54:55    [All] Assasin4Life: u never stop
55:01    [Game Command] lesbo.archer: assasin, plz define "flaming"
55:03    [All] RGKT: talking about you here
55:07    [All] doyouneedahug: who ever wins the spammy award for this game wins
55:12    [All] GreveeII: U ALL SPAM; STOP IT AND PLAY  P L E A S E !
55:14    [All] lesbo.archer: i want it
55:15    [All] lesbo.archer: i want it
55:16    [All] RGKT: greve
55:17    [Allies] Assasin4Life: -surrender
55:19    [All] lesbo.archer: i type i want it
55:21    [All] RGKT: squelch us if not happy
55:21    [All] lesbo.archer: i want it
55:27    [All] doyouneedahug: lol
55:28    [Allies] GreveeII: pls surrender
55:31    [All] RGKT: free-to-use
55:31    [Allies] GreveeII: -surrender
55:37    [Allies] vjjjo: -surrender
55:51    [Allies] GreveeII: doyouneedahug, pls surrender
55:52    [All] Assasin4Life: sad to see admin behavior so wild
56:04    [All] RGKT: lol
56:07    [All] lesbo.archer: what about ur behavior?
56:09    [All] RGKT: u still flamming
56:15    [All] lesbo.archer: does that matter?
56:18    [All] lesbo.archer: at all?
56:35    [All] Assasin4Life: my behavior was reporting u.. thats why u mad
57:03    [All] Assasin4Life: u didnt have to kick me and flame me and be afk many games
57:10    [All] lesbo.archer: hahaha
57:15    [All] Assasin4Life: many peolpe are saying u suck
57:16    [All] lesbo.archer: anything u did wrong?
57:19    [All] Assasin4Life: im not alone
57:20    [All] RGKT: u dont get it
57:21    [All] lesbo.archer: or only me?
57:22    [All] RGKT: assanoob
57:25    [All] RGKT: many people
57:30    [All] RGKT: complained about u
57:30    [All] lesbo.archer: did u do anything wrong assasin?
57:33    [All] RGKT: i just talked with say
57:34    [Allies] GreveeII: DOYOUNEEDAHUG???
57:34    [All] lesbo.archer: answer plz
57:43    [All] doyouneedahug: for the record i played with ass all day he was well behaved
57:45    [All] lesbo.archer: no answer?
57:50    [All] RGKT: "thanks for your opinion on thath"
57:50    [Allies] doyouneedahug: -surrender
57:54    [All] GreveeII: RGKT has left the game voluntarily.
57:54    RGKT has left the game.
57:57    [All] GreveeII: vjjjo has left the game voluntarily.
57:57    vjjjo has left the game.
57:58    [All] GreveeII: lesbo.archer has left the game voluntarily.
57:58    lesbo.archer has left the game.
57:59    haggy_lost has left the game.
57:59    doyouneedahug has left the game.
57:59    Black-king has left the game.
57:59    GreveeII has left the game.
57:59    Assasin4Life has left the game.

Will reply to this post later on today
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby lesbo.archer » 08.11.2013, 20:18

It's no secret I dislike assasin, that's not news to anyone. The game he posted is over a month old, why post it now? Why not post it when it happened?
Please take notice, I was playing on lesbo.archer, non-admin account.
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Wan.Taz » 08.11.2013, 22:42

Regarding the last replay: Game dat 18/10/2013. Clear that assasin4life did not say anything in game first. Firstly he was provocated with the noob call then continuously being insulted or given threats abt bans/lobby kicks

Regarding orangecat: True you were not on the admin account but still threatening another player about lobby kicks/mute/ban + colorful language + trying to get him kicked in exchange of a 'peace' is really surprising to me. And moreover you were admin on the orangecat account at that particular time of the game and u had just been given a stay of execution by say_no. I remember that particular time since say_no was busy chatting with me too. Hence the surprising aspect of that behavior

Regarding assasin4life: In general the last games i reviewed (mine or some random replays sent to me) i did not c much insults/flaming from you like a few months ago. Thats a positive. Kick counter is a huge thing and shows a lot abt patience in the game. Yours is just monstruous even though the positive is that it has decreased from 0.45/game to 0.34/game the last 2 months (meaning last months have seen kick votes from you in line with any other player).
There has been an influx of posts from you which did not warrant the drivel (re: the one abt accusing b.62 + the bbbest/fiona-r post[including the unwarranted kick upon the best player in your team]). In the future post with replays and/or screenshots from the start.
Tl/DR : Continue curbing the emotions and no provocation even if u happen to be wanting to do that in the future

Fenris you could add yur views in here!
Upto Say_No_To_War to review the situation when he gets the time.
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Fenris » 09.11.2013, 23:58

First I´d like to say that orangecat has never attracted attention in a negative way before he became admin, at least I never saw him doing anything bad or heard any complaints about him. Somehow this seems to have changed massively, although I don´t want to claim to have witnessed most of that myself. Also to clear one thing, assasin4life has been a very unmannered player and enjoyed making mischief a lot, I don´t give a lot on his accusations (having in mind that his level of qualms for kicking players or demanding bans is not very high), but if very old players like Tibalt or Vasselina report/support complaints about orangecat, there must be some true quintessence in it. But I can´t and don´t really want to judge on it, since there is no proof for this either, but:
This particular gamechat (no matter how old or new that replay might be) is absolutely inappropriate and shocking to me, an admin (even if he is not playing on his admin account) must never lower himself to such a level and threat/insult anybody like this, no matter what the other guy might have done before. Admins do have the possibility to react in other ways, like muting players that spam in games, or even kicking players out of lobbies that disturb a peaceful game atmosphere repeatedly. But such a behaviour is neither tolerable nor excusable to me. Since I know that assasin can be (and definitely has been) very provocative, orangecat´s admin rights should not be removed because of this certain incident, but a warning is required in my opinion.
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Re: Regarding orangecat (lesbo.archer)

Postby Dracoel » 13.11.2013, 11:05

Lovely Chat-log ...
Dismaying ...
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