How to Hide Helmet in New World

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How to Hide Helmet in New World

Postby jannick » 26.11.2021, 07:27

New World solves the problem of great gear looking terrible by allowing players to hide their hats or helmets while keeping their gear on.

Amazon's newest massively online multiplayer role-playing game New World takes players to a mysterious, dark island surrounded by enemies. Once players reach their first level, they will be given a range of pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, equipment with good stats doesn't always mean good looks. While some uncomfortable-looking armor can be overlooked, headgear is difficult to avoid as it is often the most noticeable. However, if a player wants to change the appearance of a hat or helmet while retaining its values, New World offers a number of alternatives.

As the player gathers materials, chooses their faction, and enhances their profession, enjoying the look of their character can be very rewarding. MMOs can be especially tough, and New World is no exception. Because of this, players will spend a lot of time looking at their characters. Therefore, it is important to develop a pleasant asceticism that they appreciate in order to be able to really enjoy the game.

The first option is to use skins. Players who bought the New World Deluxe Edition have more options than regular players because they have more choices. However, should this not be enough to achieve the look they want, players always have the option to hide the headgear. The process to achieve this is very similar to applying a skin.

How to hide headgear in New World

To hide headgear in New World without losing equipment points, players must first open their inventory and then right-click on the headgear they want to hide. Select the "Change Skin" option and scroll to the bottom of the list to find "Hide Headgear". Click on it to hide the helmet or hat when the character is equipped. In this method, an "invisible" skin is chosen for the headgear, which allows the player to benefit from the values ​​without having to display them visually.

If players want to purchase additional skins, they can do so through the in-game shop. These can be bought with the fortune token and the New World currency must be purchased with real money. To do this, click on Esc and go to the Store tab. There, find the "Add Wealth Tokens" option and buy them with real money. Players can then find and purchase any New World skins they like from the game's shop.

For those who don't want to spend money for New World coins sale, New World offers an albeit limited option through dyes. Players must first acquire dyes through cooking, trading posts, or quests. Then just tab open the inventory, right click on the armor and select "Dye". This allows the player to change the color of his equipment, provided he has the necessary color.
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