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Postby Averof-G » 31.01.2014, 21:36

ok really enough! why this guy is still screwing our games? (Sae66) ID: 1482
and you guys leaving him to play with maphack?
i have post a report with replay and you said you know he is maphacking! so what are you w8ing for? its your friend maybe? or any of you got this acount and playing with maphack? i cant get why he is still in games
this is really annoying!its your job to IP bann him! you asking for donations while you got a hackers playing? some of players have gave you real money! worth...?
he had 9 games when i post for his maphack and now got 85! think about how many points he steal from fair players!and screwed games!
i hope you now do IP-bann
sorry but im so pissed off with him,,,so mad.....
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Re: Sae66

Postby knight_9 » 01.02.2014, 05:15

yeah, ban all noobs too......... lol :D
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Re: Sae66

Postby 1-1-0-0-1-1 » 01.04.2014, 17:32

don't be silly, you have to wait for an admin to play with him and realize he is "fucking up the game" <---- B.62 words......maphack don't cut it, needs to be dumber reasons lol.
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