Can't see website

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Can't see website

Postby knight_9 » 11.09.2012, 09:19

I can see the page for like 1 second when I just open it. Then the materials are gone. What happen?
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Re: Can't see website

Postby lvbrokilla » 22.12.2012, 09:06

Using Internet Explorer, same thing for me. Bottom scroll all the way to the right and you'll be able to view page, but i've had to do that for each page.
Using Safari, no issues.
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Re: Can't see website

Postby Say_No_to_War » 04.05.2013, 13:09

I somehow always refused to optimise for the internet explorer. i nerly never use it. The Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most crappy and dangerous browser I know. Once I had to reinstall windows on a pc just because the user updated the Internet Explorer...

Better use a real browser and not IE-Crap, firefox, safari, opera, there are plenty who are better and all are easy to use.

Btw for online banking you should use a different browser then for normal surfing. Then an infection on the main browser causes less risk of stolen bank-data and hijacked transactions if you do the online banking in a different browser.
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