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Lego Wars / Sandbox Warriors

Postby LightningBolt » 23.06.2008, 15:18

Game principle:

You build creep spawners, towers, monsters, heroes
most units will be played by your computer ally.
There are also some units for yourself to use i.e. heroes builders and strategic units.
You get gold automatically with time, by killing enemy units,
or training some miners who will be able to use the gold mines.
Goal: Destroy enemy sandcastle
There are many ways and strategies to win the game.
- You can build a solid defense and send thousands of creeps
- You can max out some heros and let them do the job
- there also always is a counter strategy
(at least that's what was my intention for the map.

Some hints:
- To get more food you need to upgrade your lego fort
- To get rid of ghosts and nightmares, call the gh....
- To destroy powerful defenses use catapults or icbm's
- an assassin is cheap and kills nearly every unit with one blow if properly prepared.

In Sandbox Wars your comp ally will also build, in lego wars he won't.
This results in more money for the players in lego wars and in more units
and harder winning in sandbox wars. Otherwise the game is the same.

Comments are welcome

I hope you like it,
Lego Wars 3.7opt.w3x
latest version of lego wars
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latest version of sand box wars
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