[Desperately Search] Warcraft III Special DotA Map

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[Desperately Search] Warcraft III Special DotA Map

Postby Trevor86 » 31.03.2017, 12:56

Hi guys!
Long time ago I've had much fun with my friends playing a certain WC3 map in DotA / LoL style.
Sadly my backup crashed so this beauty of a map got lost :(
I am searching the internet for weeks now but couldn't find it again since I don't know the exact name of the map anymore.
So with all my last hope I put all my trust in you guys!
Hopefully you can help me out!

So, what am I searching for?
The map is built up in DotA / LoL style. It means it is a small map all in the forest. Left and right are the 2 spawn points. All between is only forest splittet by 3 lanes. In the middle of the map they is a vertical path that connects them. The lanes are defended by towers. I think there were 3 on each lane. Goal is to destroy them and the base building. Attacking the base building awakens a very strong dragon or equal creature. Killing it the game is won. Additionally in the forest is a well and a small shop. Each team camp has shops to buy items. You can play it against bots too, but they are very weak. In each team can be about 3-6 players, cant remember this for sure. After being killed you respawn in your base after some seconds. The later the game the longer is the time to revive.
There is no standard character in this game. They are all unique for this map. Equally the items. I can remember one special character, which is a female assassin who has one passive ability to hit faster and/or stronger. The ulti ist to get stealthed for some seconds and run very fast. The first hit makes her visible again. Her primary attribute is agility. Other abilities are intelligence, strength and one other I don't remember.

It's build up like this:
T = tower
X = base and shops
W = well
S = shop
-- and / = the lanes
Code: Select all
  /T-------T--------T-------S------T--------T------T / 
  /            W            /                        / X
  /                         /                        / X
X /T--------T-------T--------------T-------T-------T / X
X /                         /                        / 
X /                         /                        / 
  /T-------T--------T-------S------T--------T------T / 

I desperately hope this is enough info to make it easy for you to find the map. Or maybe you already have it in your map folder? ;)
So, I will be happy about ANY information about this map. Name, Creator, Hoster, Character or item info, anything..... best would be the map itself ;)

If you need some further details just contact me.

I believe in you!!

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Re: [Desperately Search] Warcraft III Special DotA Map

Postby Say_No_to_War » 18.03.2018, 05:04

Hey, I could give you my mapfolder... there were many dota-style maps. pm me if wanted
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