My Hero Academia:

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My Hero Academia:

Postby fhispweer » 20.11.2021, 08:14

Looking back on the activation of the personality, the hope that Oermat may be restored! ... -academia/
The fourth season of My Hero Academia tells that our passing million seniors are still working hard to protect the little burial after losing their personality, and he finally waited for the rescue of Green Valley and others. However, Zhi Qi Yu's ability is so powerful that even Yeyan, who possesses the predictive skills, was severely injured by the underworld young master and even severed his arm.
And the Green Valley is also to cover the escape of millions and the small bad buried with serious injuries. There are penetrating wounds on his hands and feet. The small bad buried at the center of this vortex is also suffering from inner torment. I don't want to return to the side of the underworld master Qi Yu, and at the same time, I don't want to see others hurt because of me. Therefore, Xiaolongbu finally slipped to Zhiqiying, but in Green Valley's call and actual action, he once again extended his hands to Green Valley, and Lugu also broke out with all his strength to snatch Xiaolongbu back.
Friends who have seen the previous seasons believe that they all know that the strength of Green Valley is very powerful, but at the same time, such strength will also bring a great burden to his body, in order to save the little ones. Can't care so much. Lv Gu's life-saving response also made Xiao Badian finally firm in her desire to be free, and it also inspired her to look back on her personality. This personality can continue to be that the body of the little bad guy in contact with the target is constantly backtracking to a time point. When the green valley breaks down due to the explosion of all abilities, the little bad guy will use his own personality to help the green valley. Make his body go back to the time of completeness.
From a certain point of view, Xiaobaibai and Lvgu are a perfect match. Xiaobaibai is the "power bank" of Lugu, which allows him to use 100% of his power infinitely. The combination of these two people may be in the back. The action has a decisive role.
The emergence of the ability to bury the bad has also made countless fans have a lot of ideas in their hearts. The first idea is whether you can use the small bad bury again to find your own personality. Tong Xing Million is a character whose popularity is comparable to that of Green Valley in this season. I don't know how many of his fans feel distressed by his disability in this season. No one wants to see a cheerful senior depressed. The backtracking ability of the small evil is a hope that can restore his personality, can directly restore his body to the time when he still has the personality, but there is no such operation in the latest drama, and the small evil is for himself This ability has not been mastered very well, so for the time being, I should not be able to see it for a while.
One thing is whether our Oermat can use the ability of small damage to restore the past style? As the assistant of Olmert, Yeyan used his foresight ability to see the end of Olmert. And the power of the small evil can help a person’s body go back to a point in time, so Oermat hopes to go back to the healthy body, but whether the personality can be restored is not known, after all, he himself 'S personality is not innate but an inherited personality. Now Oermet has been passed on to Green Valley, so I am afraid that Oermet will not have a personality if he has a brand new body.
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