Evaluation of "Dragon Ball" works

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Evaluation of "Dragon Ball" works

Postby fhispweer » 20.11.2021, 08:10

"Dragon Ball" is one of the most influential Japanese manga in China, and is the proud work of Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. The story draws readers from the mountain village to the city, from the earth to the aliens, and from the present to the future. There are both wonderful fights and sincere emotions.
The success of "Dragon Ball" is unprecedented. It not only made the sales of "Shounen Jump" surpassed "Shounen Magazine" and reached the historical high of 6.53 million, but also affected the pattern of Japanese comics afterwards, and gave birth to the juvenile manga. The concept. In the manga "Dream Eater", a manga about the life of a manga artist, Ken Obata, who is almost the same generation as Akira Toriyama, simply divides the manga into two categories: "King Dao Man" and "Evil Dao Man". This concept began with "Dragon Ball".
"Dragon Ball" is a specific symbol of Japanese manga. When it comes to the success of "Dragon Ball", many friends and industry experts have conducted analyses. Everyone has different opinions, but there are several major points that are basically the same.
First, the fighting scene is full of motivation. The lens design of the fighting scene, whether in terms of the intensity of the action or the design of the moves, is still the strongest even now. Especially when Wukong uses Jie Wangquan, the long-range attacks, collisions, and close combat in the flying state can transform smoothly.
Second, the style of painting has the visual sense of film. Shimayama uses a large number of fragments from European and American action movies in the comics, especially when the story is in conflict, the rhythm of the picture is obviously accelerated, and the tight connection makes readers look like an action movie.
Third, unique imagination and science fiction elements. Shimayama himself is a fan of science fiction books. From the "mini capsules" he designed, houses, cars, motorboats and other tools can be used to show his obsession with science. In the manga, from the ordinary mountains and forests to the noisy cities, from the earth to the Namek stars in space, and then to the king’s house in another dimension, Toriyama’s imagination continues to mobilize the reader’s appetite, and he was able to publish 42 volumes. Much of it comes from the reader's attraction to that wonderful Dragon Ball world.
The fourth and most important point is that the story is concise, powerful, popular, and not naive. The logic of character behavior in the story of "Dragon Ball" is always simple. Wukong and his joyful partners can always defeat bad guys and defend world peace without any personal ambitions. The bad guys are so bad that you don't have to worry about readers getting entangled. In short, the brutality of bad guys can always arouse everyone's hatred, and the anger of good guys can always arouse everyone's sympathy. This can maximize the attraction of readers of different ages. It can be said that Toriyama is also successful in comparison with similar comics.

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