Pokémon journey

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Pokémon journey

Postby fhispweer » 20.11.2021, 08:02

"Pokémon Journey" (Japanese: ポケットモンスター, English: Pokémon Journeys → Pokémon Master Journeys) is a TV animation broadcast by TV Tokyo on November 17, 2019. It is the successor to "Pokémon Sun & Moon". Before the game is played, the official first preview content will not simply compare the Galer region in the game "Pokémon Sword/Shield", but will integrate all regions and Pokémon so far in the series to create a new world travel. story
The Japanese name of this work directly adopts the redesigned logo of the theater version No. 20, and no subtitles are added at the same time. It is also called Xinwuyin, Reiwa.
In addition, in response to the translation of "Pokémon Sword/Shield", the Chinese name was translated into "Pokémon" with reference to Japanese, and then rewritten as "Pokémon Journey".
Story summary
Xiaozhi was invited by Dr. Oki to celebrate the establishment of the Sakuragi Research Institute and went to Deadleaf City. In the process, Rogia suddenly appeared at the port of Deadleaf City. Xiaozhi and Xiaohao met and met in Rogia. Become a good friend. Dr. Sakuragi invited Xiaozhi and Xiaohao to embark on the journey as investigators. Xiaozhi's goal this time was to challenge the World Championships, and finally drew up against Dandi. Xiaohao's goal is to conquer all Pokémon, make it closer to the dream, and then conquer him.
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