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Pokémon: 10 ways Pikachu became the best character in anime
Ask any Pokémon fan: Pikachu is the best! Xiaozhi's Pikachu always seizes the limelight with his tenacity, fighting ability and sense of humor.
In the animation, Pikachu has fought a lot of tough battles, but no matter how difficult things are, Pikachu will not give up until it is seriously unable to move. In countless battles, it seems that Pikachu may collapse halfway and be easily defeated, while Pikachu continues to fight under difficult circumstances. Even if Pikachu would definitely lose to an enemy like the champion Lyon's fire-breathing dragon, it did not give up. Pikachu's firm attitude helped it win the love of the overall fans.
Many fans think Pikachu is cute. Whether it's wearing various costumes throughout the anime series and movie installments, or just as a cute and curious self, many of Pikachu's cute moments are hard for fans to love.
Some of the cute moments in the animation happen when hanging out with other Pokémon, cheering for others in Pokémon contests and other special occasions, and when exploring new realms with Xiaozhi and his companions. Some people think that if Xiaozhi's Pikachu participates in the cute pet contest, he will probably win.
Pikachu has gone through many difficult battles in the series, but its ability to be creative in how to defeat opponents is quite clever. Pikachu often uses simple moves such as Thunder and Volt to knock down the enemy, but there are also some tough battles that need to jump out of the mindset and rely on their own moves to avoid or withstand the opponent's attack.
The bond between Pikachu and Xiaozhi is unforgettable
The relationship between Pikachu and Xiaozhi is one of the most iconic in the animation. They started a rough road in the first episode, where they didn’t get along at all, but after Xiaozhi protected Pikachu from a group of Spearow and Pikachu using a timely thunderbolt to protect Xiaozhi’s fatal attack, they made a connection and followed Over time, they train together and become more intimate. They support each other from coarse to fine, from Xiaozhi's temporary death in several movies to making difficult decisions, such as whether Pikachu should evolve.
When things get tough, Pikachu is ready to take action
Whenever Pikachu faces any enemy in the animation, from the Rockets to Chairman Ross, no matter how intimidating the villain is, he is ready to fight. Even if involved in the kidnapping plan, Pikachu has never been prevented from trying to escape and fight back against the evil events in the series. No matter how terrible the conspiracy, from the evil organization trying to take over or destroy the world directly, Pikachu is not afraid to do the right thing and save the situation.
Pikachu's intimate relationship with other people does not just develop with Xiaozhi. Throughout the anime series, fans have seen how Pikachu became friends with many other Pokémon, from the other Pokémon that Xiaozhi is currently carrying with him when traveling in various regions to the Pokémon of other trainers.
Although Pikachu has close ties with its trainer Xiaozhi and other Pokémon, it also has close relationships with other trainers and partners that Xiaozhi encounters throughout the series. This includes Ritchie and his own Pikachu, as well as other trainers and coordinators such as Goh, Dawn, Brock, etc. Pikachu's general default behavior is to be good to almost everyone, except for obviously evil villains, this behavior allows Pikachu to establish contact with Pokémon and others.
As the main Pokémon in the series, Pikachu has many opportunities to meet the legendary Pokémon Xiaozhi. However, Pikachu’s relationship with these Pokémon is often different throughout the series, which allows fans to watch its interactions with other legendary characters very interesting.
Pikachu is a fairly relevant Pokémon to fans, partly because it is openly vulnerable on an emotional level. Many fans have talked about the grief of Xiaozhi's temporary death, or the possibility of losing the game in the series when he was hit hard in some difficult battles. During these difficult times, fans found themselves crying with Pikachu, and its ability to express itself in good and bad times helped increase its popularity and popularity.
Pikachu has a magical skill that can impress other Pokémon that fans like to watch from time to time. This shows that Pikachu can not only be fragile or cute, but also very funny.
Pikachu has many funny moments to show off his impression of other Pokémon and get involved in other interesting scenes. This helps to increase the humorous tone of the anime series sometimes, and fans like to watch these moments unfold.
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