Bo Ren Biography:

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Bo Ren Biography:

Postby fhispweer » 20.11.2021, 07:44

Bo Ren Biography: Zuo Ming lost to Da Tong Mu, Bo Ren God assisted, but unfortunately he is still too tender
After Bo Ren used the wedge power, Otsuki was taken to another space. The cooperation between Sasuke and Bo Ren was like when Zuoming did not cut the battle again, tactically, it made people shine, although this was not possible. Inflicted damage to Otsuki in one move, but the combination of Sasuke and Boren's fight has saved Konoha Village well, and they don't have to worry about too much, let go of their hands and feet to fight.
Dead end
Although the ideal is very beautiful, as long as the one style is brought to a place where there is no one, the problem can be solved by killing the opponent, but the reality is often very cruel. When fighting Cixian, Zuo Ming has already lost to the opponent, let alone The Datongmu Style is now fully recovered, so after the battle begins, the strength shown by the Datongmu Style is still crushing.

Although the trick of Kun Gu Na is simple, it is hard to guard against. In a battle, you can hardly imagine when a monster will suddenly appear around you and attack you, especially if Datongmu has the ability to absorb chakras, if it is not for Sasuke and Naruto. People cooperate tacitly, and they may not even be able to delay their opponents.

Thought it was hope
In the battle, Sasuke had reincarnation eyes and was the first goal of Yishi to eliminate. In order to help Sasuke, the blogger found that Yishi would not attack him when he was in contact with Yishi. Although he didn't know the reason, it undoubtedly became a key point for turning the tide of the war.
The reason why I dare not attack the blogger here is because the blogger was regarded as a living sacrifice by him. The purpose of the big tube wood came to a planet is to plant the sacred tree, and then remove the chakra fruit, and in order for the sacred tree to develop rapidly, there must be a large tube wood to be eaten by the sacred tree as a nourishment. This is why Datongmu came to the earth in the form of a two-person team.
At present, there are only one person in the big tube on the earth. In order to be able to eat the chakra fruit, the peach-like blogger in the body has become his best target.

Bo Ren wanted to use Otsuki's characteristic of not daring to kill himself to create an opportunity for Sasuke and Naruto to attack. At first, it did seem like a god assist, but in terms of the result, he was still too tender. Yi Shi did not dare to kill Bo Ren, but he would not hesitate to hurt Bo Ren, so when Yi Shi told Bo Ren the truth, he did not hesitate to break his hand.
Strongest mode
This scene seemed quite painful, and it made them, who had thought they had some advantage, instantly returned to the original point. Only relying on time-consuming and wasting one style to death, with the strength of the three of them, in fact, it is impossible to do it at all. It would be very cool to watch the "Gundam" battle during the storm. Now the one style can shrink and enlarge the object, even if the "Gundam" is stronger , It is impossible to cause harm to Yishi.
In this almost incomprehensible death, the Nine Lama came up with a method, claiming to gain short-term superpower at the cost of life. We can understand it as opening the dead door of Bamen Dunjia, but in terms of strength, this move called the "heavy particle mode" is stronger than Bamen Dunjia.
This is Naruto’s last highlight moment. The nine lamas only said that they would lose their lives after using them, but they did not say who lost their lives, but in this case, Naruto would not think about this issue. After all, from the beginning, He has already achieved the consciousness of death. Compared to letting himself live, he has implemented the will of fire and assumed the responsibility of Hokage. In the near-dead battle, he did not hesitate to choose to turn on the heavy particle mode!
The two episodes of the battle against Otsuki, I think they will be the two most exciting episodes of the blog so far. Do you look forward to Naruto's strongest form? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area~
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